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What is Acupuncture and Conditions Treated? . needling close up (my own image)

What is Acupuncture and Conditions Treated

Acupuncture is a system of healing, which has been practiced in China and other Eastern countries for thousands of years.

It is used to treat people with a wide range of illnesses with a focus on improving the overall well-being of the patient rather than the isolated treatment of specific symptoms.

According to traditional Chinese philosophy, our health is dependent on the body’s motivating energy - known as Qi - moving in a smooth and balanced way through a series of channels beneath the skin. When these become unbalanced, illness may result.

By inserting fine needles into the channels of energy, an acupuncturist can stimulate the body’s own healing response and help restore its natural balance.

The flow of Qi can be disturbed by a number of factors, including emotional states such as anxiety, stress, anger, grief, poor nutrition, infections and trauma.

The principal aim of acupuncture in treating the whole person is to recover the equilibrium between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Conditions Treated

Below is a list of conditions seen in the clinic. Click on highlighted items to see further information:

Anxiety, depression,stress, post traumatic stress

Chronic pain, including back pain , sciatica, neck pain, frozen shoulder, foot pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome

• fertility problems, female and male and assisted conception (IVF etc)

Pregnancy issues, labour induction, breech baby turning, recurrent miscarriage

Headache, migraine and facial pain


PCOS, endometriosis, painful periods, absence of periods, PMT

Menopausal symptoms

• Digestive issues and irritable bowel syndrome,

• Respiratory conditions, such as sinusitis, asthma, allergic rhinitis/hayfever, colds and flu

Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia

• Acute pain and sports injuries

• Bladder issues, cystitis, urinary tract infections

This video by the British Acupuncture Council beautifully explains how acupuncture works : click here

Recent Research

Acupuncture works by making the brain no longer experience pain, according to new research. To read more about this research, click here.

Breast cancer patients going through chemotherapy may find relief from the side effects with the help of eastern medicine. To read more, click here.

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